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Solar Panel Installation

From design and installation to a lifetime of service and care, Sunnara pairs you with the perfect person to guide you through it. Your energy consultant will work with our design team to customize your solar system and find the right payment plan for your needs.

Then a project coordinator who is well-versed in your region will manage the rest of the process.After your system is up and running, our customer care team will be your go-to for any questions or concerns you may have. There are a lot of specialists behind the scenes to make sure your entire solar system is producing as much power from the sun as possible, now and in the future!he night.

What happens during an installation?

Once we finalize your system design and have all of the necessary approvals, it will be time to install the solar panels on your roof. Our installation crews are experienced and professional. Most of the time, they can complete installations in one day. Here's what a typical installation day looks like: 5 Step Process

Solar Panel Installation

Step 1 - Crew arrival and preparation

First things first. We introduce ourselves and map out where we’ll be working and parking our vehicles.


Step 2 - Review system design and equipment location

Your foreman will review the plans with you and confirm the equipment and where it will go.

Step 3 - System installation

The crew will install the brackets, solar panels and wiring on your roof, while the foreman installs your inverter and other electrical equipment.

Step 4 - Crew clean up

We clean up as construction winds down to make sure we leave your property exactly as we found it.

Step 5 - Final walk-through

Once installation is complete, your foreman will explain how your new home solar system works and how to power it on

What happens to my roof when solar panels are installed?


Since Sunnara’s home solar systems are roof-mounted, we do drill holes in the roof to anchor the racking equipment for the panels during installation. All our roof penetrations are made watertight and are absolutely guaranteed by a workmanship warranty. 


One fun fact, once the solar panels are on your roof, they can protect the underlying sections from normal wear and tear increasing its longevity. It also keeps those parts of the home cooler, protecting that section of the roof from the sun!


What happens after I turn my system on?


Once your solar system is turned on, your home will officially be powered by energy from the sun, produced right on your roof.

You will be able to monitor your solar energy production with your system monitoring app.

What is a solar backup battery?



Backup batteries can back up four breakers. During installation, we will help you decide what to back up. Many customers choose to back up their refrigerator, lights, wifi and a garage door.


If there is a power outage, your battery will take over sending power to your backed-up breakers within a few seconds and will continue to do so until power is restored or until the battery runs out of energy. How long the battery lasts will depend on how much energy you use or how many batteries you have.

Your system is designed to supply approximately 8 to 12 hours of backup energy, plus whatever the sun provides during the day.


But that can vary based a variety of factors:

  • -Whether the outage happens during the day or at night

  • -What season it is

  • -What you’re backing up

  • -How much energy you use


The battery will recharge when the sun comes up, so you will be able to power through multi-day outages should they ever occur.

Remember, you can always check the charge of your battery to help you plan your usage and make sure you have power through the night.

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