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Why should you switch to solar?


The sun rises every day. That's why solar power is a completely renewable, reliable/clean energy source. It minimizes our reliance on dirty sources of power such as oil, coal and gas, which produces harmful emissions affecting our health and the environment.


Solar panels and home battery storages are becoming more affordable, accessible, and efficient. They provide security for households when the power goes out for any reason. 

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Is my home good for solar?


A lot of things affect how well your home is for solar, including where your home is located, the angle of your roof planes, how much shade your home gets throughout the day, and how old your home is.


Our energy consultants can help you determine if your home is a good fit for solar at this time. They’ll run a custom analysis of your home to get a sense for your energy needs.

How many solar panels does my home need?


Every household is unique. When determining the number of solar panels your home needs, consider the following:

How much power do I use? 


Check your electric bills to see how many kilowatt hours (kWhs) you use throughout the year. We’ll go over this with you in detail during your complimentary energy consultation to figure out just how much power your panels will need to produce.

How much direct sunlight hits your roof, shading, which direction your roof faces, and any aesthetic preferences you have can impact how big your system needs to be?


At Sunnara, we have professional solar design technology to help us create a precise, customized system that maximizes energy production.

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Why do you need my historical electricity usage?


Your historical electricity usage allows us to design a custom solar system that is the correct size for your home.


Electric usage varies from person to person, season to season. That’s why we request a full year of your electricity usage so we can build a system that’s perfect for your home. All we need is one power bill and we can pull an entire year for you so you can stay hands free, we can also instruct you on how to do it as well :) 

How much energy you use


The battery will recharge when the sun comes up, so you will be able to power through multi-day outages should they ever occur.

Remember, you can always check the charge of your battery to help you plan your usage and make sure you have power through the night.

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How do you customize my solar system?


We customize your home solar system by taking into account the average of your past usage and the available roof space. Of course we design the system based on your taste/preferences to make sure the system cosmetically works great for you and your home!


We start with your historical energy usage and design a solar system that will provide you with the right amount of power based on how much you normally use.


Then we look at your roof arrays via satellite imaging to see how many panels can fit on each roof plane, keeping into consideration that south-facing roofs are the best for solar. We verify our measurements and system design with a site audit, a visit to your home to check the roof and your main electrical panel.


Finally, we reconfirm our final design with you so you know specifically know the details of the layout. A Sunnara energy consultant can walk you through every step of the way. We believe in absolute transparency.

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Will I notice anything different after I go solar?


After you switch to solar, you won’t notice a difference. Your lights, appliances, televisions and everything else that uses electricity will work exactly as they did before. The one key difference you will notice after switching to solar is in how you pay for your power. That’s the significant difference!

Does my state offer incentives to go solar?


No matter what state you live in, you’ll also be eligible for the federal solar tax credit when you purchase your own solar system. Even if your state doesn’t offer any clean energy incentives, just let an energy consultant know that you’re interested in our new customer sign up bonus which can replace any state incentives that may be available in other states.

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